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A non-consumable tungsten electrode suitable for TIG welding method.
FLUX cored welding wire suitable for FCAW (no shield gas) welding method.
Welding wires on plastic spools for MIG/MAG welding method.
A set of working cables for MMA welding method, equipped with DIN connectors
Working clamps – clip and screw types
Contact tips for MIG/MAG welding method (standard set: 5 pcs.)
Gas nozzles for MIG/MAG torches
TIG PRT 01 torch suitable for inverter welding machines
Sets of accessories for non-consumable TUNGSTEN ELECTRODES of various diameters suitable for TIG welding method.
Suitable for 15kgs welding wire spool
A special welding hammer for slag removal
A wire welding brush for slag and deposits, etc. removal